Final Reflective Writing

Katherine Adams


Final Reflective Writing

            I really like school and learning new things, especially when it comes to psychology and human nature.  I assumed that I would learn something interesting from taking a human development class as well as reinforce what I already heard regarding people or felt to be true from personal experience.  I had no idea that I would absorb everything I read like a sponge, using the information as a backbone to what I thought about people as well as what I said.  Before the class, I felt like I had a solid grasp on people and human nature and that I was pretty strong in my convictions.  But taking the class showed that I may not be infallible in my assumptions.  People are constantly changing, life can alter perceptions, and for the most part humans follow set trends of behaviors, even in different cultures.

The subject that I will share with most people I know is about Early Childhood.  I have already single handedly assisted, or if you ask my brothers harassed, them towards a better understanding of their children.  Since I do not have kids of my own, I have to use what I learned to help my nieces in their development.  I feel that kids are very important and should be given every chance to succeed, even if that only means an extra hug or words of encouragement.  It makes me feel good to contribute not only to my family but to other kids who I read stories to during story time at my work as well as the third grade class I volunteer with.  It seems like there are so many things that could go wrong for a child during development, a little extra support can never hurt.  I probably have become too much of an “expert” in my families opinion on juvenile development, but you can never be too well informed.

The subject of adolescence was more of a challenge for me, which came as a complete surprise.  After all, I feel like it was not that long ago that I was experiencing that stage for myself.  But some of the concepts were not as easy to grasp.  It took me some self analysis for me to figure out why the teen years were more difficult, besides old age at 25.  I think it was harder to learn because it took more effort to relate to it.  It seemed like all the information did not really pertain to what I experienced, but I could see the connection to others I knew and their behaviors.  When I was a teenager, I did not participate a large amount in the silliness of youth, mainly spending time with my grandparents, my considerably older brothers and babysitting.  As my grandma always put it growing up, I was 10 going on 30.  Luckily, I think I missed most ridiculous behaviors except for believing I was the center of everyone’s attention and judging.  It seems silly now to realize how conceited most teenagers are, believing that other peoples world, even strangers care how they look or act.

What will stick with me the rest of my life was the section on old age as well as the epilogue discussing dying.  I had a class a few semesters ago about finances, which addressed retirement and planning ahead, but I never really considered death before.  The last few chapters of the text brought home the end of life and what can be depressing as well as uplifting about death and grieving.  It was really hard to read some of what was written due to how close to my heart death has been recently.  I have been struggling with the thought of losing my grandmother, my second mother who has played such a strong role in my life, to cancer.  She was diagnosed a year and a half ago of cancer and was doing well and stayed positive, but in March of this year the doctors said there was nothing left to do for her and she was reaching the end.  That was one of the hardest calls to hear when my mom phoned me to tell me the news, it was also the first time I can remember hearing my strong mother cry.  Death is such a taboo subject, one that I have been actively trying to ignore since I heard the news.  But if her death is inevitable, then I want her to have a good death with no pain and family nearby.  Grief seems to be part of the process and after reading the text I feel better about how I have been responding and the avoidance that I felt was not normal, but is really a coping method that some people have.  I will think about dying and the death process for the rest of my life, having to see those older than me experience it as well as my end (way off in the distant future).  Personally I think I would like to shake the ideas of death right after the last exam, but I know it will linger on in my life.

I was really interested in the emerging adult section due to the fact that It felt like it was my life and emotions that were laid out for me to read.  I could not ignore those pages because they spoke to my inner thoughts .  This class helped me to focus on each step of the way, what I should expect to experience as well as what I can do to help others.  It was a beneficial experience.


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